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 4405 Rucker Ave. Everett, WA 98203

About MHCC


To provide a community focused gathering place where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. We strive to create thoughtful, delicious food and drink in a timely manner to show gratitude for your patronage.


We are a couple of daydreamers spending our lives as happy worker bees for various companies. When the YMCA bought property in our neighborhood, we immediately started advocating for a coffee house as there were no sit-down options for coffee in the area. Michael noticed this building tucked back off of Rucker and showed Heather during one of their daydream drives. “If that place ever goes for sale, we have to buy it!” Not many months after he drove Heather by the building did he learn that he had been chatting with its owner several times a week at the downtown YMCA and didn’t discover this information until they were in the new Y and the proximity to The Milk House came up. “If you ever decide to sell, please let me know!” Michael asked, casually.Not many months after that conversation, the Pandemic hit and the world shut down, and the owner decided that was the sign to retire. Michael had also recently become unemployed, and the timing couldn’t have been both better or worse.

Trying to purchase commercial property in a pandemic and unemployed? But they went for it, being pushed by an unknown force to venture this direction. Besides, who is more talented and committed to building a beautiful space than Michael? Now he had the time to devote to it. So, July 2020, they became Coffee Entrepreneurs!

Learning the history of the building was a fun fascination, reading old newspaper articles, talking with Everett natives about their memories of Walt’s Milk House, where they would often come as children to drop off their weekly bottles for fresh bottles of milk, and if they were good, an ice cream cone too! A few families also gifted their long-forgotten milk crates with Walt’s bottles still in them, which we cherish. As the project progressed, it felt more and more that this was meant to be.

Growing up on the South End of Whidbey Island, Michael and Heather have a strong sense of community, have found that one can have that same sense of a tightknit community in a city too. Everett is a special place they have called home for over 10 years and wanted to make their customers feel that they were at home too. Michael’s parents have been crucial in helping create some of the beautiful woodwork that is throughout the building. The bowling lanes that were salvaged over 30 years ago have been refinished and repurposed into our counters. A Douglas Fir that was a Windfall on their island property in the Winter of 2020 became the beam that supports the dining room wall. Just about everything in The Milk House has a story, and you are invited to add your chapter to it.

About Mhcc

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Just about everything in The Milk House has a story, and you are invited to add your chapter to it.

-Michael & Heather Wallace


Contact Us / TEL: (425) 263-9860

 4405 Rucker Ave. Everett, WA 98203


Thanksgiving Day 8am - 12pm

Black Friday 8am - 4pm

Monday - Friday 6am - 4pm 

Saturday - Sunday 8am - 4pm


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Brands & Beans

Velton’s Coffee, Everett WA. Velton Ross is a small-batch roaster who has been roasting coffee right here in Everett since 2007. His passion to roast exceptional coffee is undeniable and we are very proud to be offering his coffee here. Learn more at: Velton's Coffee Roasting Company


Whidbey Island Bagel Factory, Clinton, WA. As fellow “islanders” on Whidbey Island, Heather discovered John Auburn when he moved to Whidbey in 2000. As the winner of the Food Networks Cake Challenge and TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off competitions and two successful cake businesses, he found himself in the Bagel business in 2015 and is now doing to the Bagel world what he did in the cake world. Find more information here: Whidbey Island Bagel Factory CL 11042 SR 525 | Facebook

Pete’s Milk Delivery: You’ve probably heard of Smith Brothers Farms, with the endearing white boxes sitting on many porches in the area. Pete’s is the commercial side of that. Having been Smith Brothers customers for years (3 growing children and a noticeable quality taste difference), it was an easy decision to ensure our dairy products were as local and fresh as possible. We can’t call ourselves “The Milk House” and not have awesome milk, right?

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